Late Winter/into Spring Newsletter 2019

Dear friends,

The Spring Equinox, the official start to Spring is only a few short weeks away.

Beneath the drifting snow and the frigid wind all that green energy is just pulsing, waiting to burst forth and grow!

It’s been a long and difficult winter.  

Our backs, necks, lungs, and kidneys are exhausted, and ready for a return of the Sun, and the warmer winds from the South.

It’s an important time to tonify those kidneys and to wake up the Liver and Gallbladder to get them ready for all that Spring energy that will be all around us before we know it.

The transition between such an intensify of seasons and their corresponding body energetics is a great time for a Shiatsu tune up to help make the transition more harmonious.

I have just moved into my beautiful new studio in the Shenandoah Wellness Center at 812 E. 48th St, near the corner of 48th St. and Chicago Ave.

From March 1st through March 15th I will be offering a “Grand Re-opening Special” 

My 90 minute session for $75, with a special focus on getting the body ready for Spring.

In health,

David Miller

Southside Shiatsu 

612 245-9834

Southside Shiatsu 

Southside Shiatsu

Southside Shiatsu provides the highest quality Shiatsu acupressure massage in Minneapolis. My studio is located in the Linden Hills Neighborhood. Shiatsu massage provides pain relief, deep relaxation, immune system support, and promotes optimal hea

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Dear friends,

The leaves are beginning to turn, losing their green sheen, and revealing their inner shine.

Nature is contracting, it's energy moving downwards and inward all around us.

And as it moves around us, so too it moves in us, as we gather our energies,
and our lessons of the year, and begin to prepare for the colder months ahead.

It's the season to connect with the lungs, and the large intestine.

It is important to breathe deeply, connect with our sense of smell, which triggers our deepest, and at times,
ancient memories. It's a good time to reflect on what we're holding onto and how easily, or hard, it is for
us to let go.

We can get a sense of the health of our lungs by many things, including our overall vitality,
the condition of our skin, and how qi (energy) moves in the body.

Weak lung qi (energy) can lead to a weakened immunity which can contribute to frequent colds,
heat in the lungs, stagnant, and excessive mucous, and an overall lethargy.

Pungent foods are good lung allies. Horseradish, Daikon radish, turnip, ginger, garlic, onions, yams, cabbage,
elecampagne root, and licorice root are all good additions to the diet.

It's a time of the harvest. A good time to work with the root causes of many of the body's imbalances.

Warm Up with Shiatsu Special:

90 minute Shiatsu - $75 (normally $95)

good from 10/1 - 10/15

You can sign up with me, or online at Home Page

in health,

David Miller
Southside Shiatsu
612 245-9834

Winter 2018

Dear friends,


Listen to the cold wind blow.   The ruddy leaves still clinging to the barren boughs turn the oaks into giant rattles.   


Their energy has descended down deep into their roots where they drink from the blue black waters of underground rivers.  


So too our energies have descended downward and inwards, closer to our bones, closer to our hearts.   


Winter is the time of the kidneys and bladder, two organs that govern the flow of water in the body.   Water that is medicine.  Water that is life.


And yet the kidneys are referred to as the Palace of Water and Fire because both the yin and the yang energies of the body arise from the kidneys.  Those bean shaped organs that wear the adrenal glands on top like warm hats of energy.  


During the Winter it’s important to nourish the kidneys with salty and bitter foods and herbs that help tonify their function. 


Black beans, kidney beans, millet, amaranth, quinoa, and bone broth soups with some Kombu, Wakame, Dulse, Kelp, or other seaweeds are all excellent. 


If the kidney yang is more deficient, add some warming herbs like ginger (dried), cinnamon, cloves, or black pepper.  The onion family which includes onions, leeks, scallions, chives, and garlic are all excellent kidney yang tonics.


And nuts are good, especially Walnuts for the kidney yang and grasping qi which allows us to breathe deeply more easily. 


If the kidney yin is more deficient add more seaweed, Black sesame seeds,  and Marshmallow root, or Solomon Seal.


A Shiatsu intake assesses the balance of kidney yin and yang in the body through tongue and pulse observations, and crafts the best treatment that helps the body achieve optimal health through the balancing of its internal energies. 


Dear friends,


The season of giving is upon us,

and Southside Shiatsu is offering a special on Gift Certificates

starting TODAY and running through December 20th.


Give the gift of relaxation, balance, energy boosting, and over all well being that is Shiatsu to family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, or yourself.


60 minute Gift Certificate - $55

90 minute Gift Certificate - $75


These Gift Certificates can be purchased and picked up at my office, or they can also be mailed out to the recipient.  


In health,


David Miller

Southside Shiatsu

612 245-9834



Fall Newsletter 2017


The morning glories wrap their purple song around the browned stalks of the Elecampagne.

 The nettles are bowed over, heavy with seeds.  The squash is growing giant on the vine.  


The Maples are beginning to turn, reminding us that there is often such sweet sadness, and beauty in letting go.  


The earth opens with a pungent aroma, awakening our ancient memories.


As we head into fall it's helpful to reflect on the passing of the summer, to gather the harvest of another year's growth.   


It's time to quiet and center in order to get in touch with the energies around us that are pulling inwards and descending downwards. 


Traditional Chinese Medicine tells us that that Fall is the time of the Metal element and the lungs and large intestine. 


Adding foods that are astringent and sour help us get into alignment with the season: sourdough bread; sauerkraut; olives; pickles; leeks; aduki beans; rose hip tea; yogurt; daikon radish; and citrus are all excellent.


It can be a time of dryness so adding foods that moisten can be called for such as Millet, pear, honey, almonds, spinach, eggs, pork, and seaweeds.  


Beta carotene is especially important for the lungs and large intestines so eat those carrots, and with all vegetables, as the colder weather descends, it's good to cook them to help with digestion.  


Plants, that have enchanted us all spring and summer are storing  up energy down in their roots.


Good lung herbs include:  White horehound; mullein; coltsfoot; Solomon's Seal; Elecampagne Root.


Shiatsu is an excellent way to tonify the lungs and large intestine and to help boost immunity.


I am enjoying my new studio space in Linden Hills and I'm offering two specials for the Month of October:

Southside Shiatsu is running a special for new clients for the Month of October. 

Come in for a first time appointment for $65 

(Reg. Price for First time 75 min. appointment  $85). 


Southside Shiatsu Referral Special:


For the Month of October every new client you refer who books an appointment with me will result in a free half hour of Shiatsu added onto your regular appointment. 


For example, if you book an hour appointment, and you have referred someone who had booked, you will get 90 minutes of Shiatsu.


Remember to tell the person you're referring to mention that they were referred by YOU! 


In health,


David Miller 

Southside Shiatsu

612 245-9834

Late Summer 2017

Dear friends, 


It is late summer.  The yellow crowns on the Elecampagne are beginning to brown.  The lavender trumpets of the Wild Bergamot, that sweet leafed bee balm, are falling to the ground.


It is the time when the Earth element hovers halfway between the rising flower power of the Yang and the sinking root song of the Yin.


It is a time of centering, trance like inside the rattle and hum of the cicadas, when time, very briefly seems to stand still.


It is a time to dispel the dampness that can build up when the digestive fires of the Stomach and Spleen are deficient. 


To get unstuck from the many worries of the world with some deep relaxation.


It is a time to harmonize and balance and tonify the immune system before the Fall sets in. 


And to be of service in that harmonizing and balancing 


Southside Shiatsu is offering a Digestive Fire Tonifying Special, 


90 minutes for $75 (normally $100) 


This offer will run from today through September 21st. 


In health,


David Miller 

Southside Shiatsu 

612 245-9834