Dear friends, 


It is late summer.  The yellow crowns on the Elecampagne are beginning to brown.  The lavender trumpets of the Wild Bergamot, that sweet leafed bee balm, are falling to the ground.


It is the time when the Earth element hovers halfway between the rising flower power of the Yang and the sinking root song of the Yin.


It is a time of centering, trance like inside the rattle and hum of the cicadas, when time, very briefly seems to stand still.


It is a time to dispel the dampness that can build up when the digestive fires of the Stomach and Spleen are deficient. 


To get unstuck from the many worries of the world with some deep relaxation.


It is a time to harmonize and balance and tonify the immune system before the Fall sets in. 


And to be of service in that harmonizing and balancing 


Southside Shiatsu is offering a Digestive Fire Tonifying Special, 


90 minutes for $75 (normally $100) 


This offer will run from today through September 21st. 


In health,


David Miller 

Southside Shiatsu 

612 245-9834