The morning glories wrap their purple song around the browned stalks of the Elecampagne.

 The nettles are bowed over, heavy with seeds.  The squash is growing giant on the vine.  


The Maples are beginning to turn, reminding us that there is often such sweet sadness, and beauty in letting go.  


The earth opens with a pungent aroma, awakening our ancient memories.


As we head into fall it's helpful to reflect on the passing of the summer, to gather the harvest of another year's growth.   


It's time to quiet and center in order to get in touch with the energies around us that are pulling inwards and descending downwards. 


Traditional Chinese Medicine tells us that that Fall is the time of the Metal element and the lungs and large intestine. 


Adding foods that are astringent and sour help us get into alignment with the season: sourdough bread; sauerkraut; olives; pickles; leeks; aduki beans; rose hip tea; yogurt; daikon radish; and citrus are all excellent.


It can be a time of dryness so adding foods that moisten can be called for such as Millet, pear, honey, almonds, spinach, eggs, pork, and seaweeds.  


Beta carotene is especially important for the lungs and large intestines so eat those carrots, and with all vegetables, as the colder weather descends, it's good to cook them to help with digestion.  


Plants, that have enchanted us all spring and summer are storing  up energy down in their roots.


Good lung herbs include:  White horehound; mullein; coltsfoot; Solomon's Seal; Elecampagne Root.


Shiatsu is an excellent way to tonify the lungs and large intestine and to help boost immunity.


I am enjoying my new studio space in Linden Hills and I'm offering two specials for the Month of October:

Southside Shiatsu is running a special for new clients for the Month of October. 

Come in for a first time appointment for $65 

(Reg. Price for First time 75 min. appointment  $85). 


Southside Shiatsu Referral Special:


For the Month of October every new client you refer who books an appointment with me will result in a free half hour of Shiatsu added onto your regular appointment. 


For example, if you book an hour appointment, and you have referred someone who had booked, you will get 90 minutes of Shiatsu.


Remember to tell the person you're referring to mention that they were referred by YOU! 


In health,


David Miller 

Southside Shiatsu

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