Dear friends,

The Spring Equinox, the official start to Spring is only a few short weeks away.

Beneath the drifting snow and the frigid wind all that green energy is just pulsing, waiting to burst forth and grow!

It’s been a long and difficult winter.  

Our backs, necks, lungs, and kidneys are exhausted, and ready for a return of the Sun, and the warmer winds from the South.

It’s an important time to tonify those kidneys and to wake up the Liver and Gallbladder to get them ready for all that Spring energy that will be all around us before we know it.

The transition between such an intensify of seasons and their corresponding body energetics is a great time for a Shiatsu tune up to help make the transition more harmonious.

I have just moved into my beautiful new studio in the Shenandoah Wellness Center at 812 E. 48th St, near the corner of 48th St. and Chicago Ave.

From March 1st through March 15th I will be offering a “Grand Re-opening Special” 

My 90 minute session for $75, with a special focus on getting the body ready for Spring.

In health,

David Miller

Southside Shiatsu 

612 245-9834

Southside Shiatsu 

Southside Shiatsu

Southside Shiatsu provides the highest quality Shiatsu acupressure massage in Minneapolis. My studio is located in the Linden Hills Neighborhood. Shiatsu massage provides pain relief, deep relaxation, immune system support, and promotes optimal hea

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